Case Studies

Qantas Catering

Qantas Catering’s whole kitchen had been applied with an unsuitable sub screed which lead to a total failure of the applied flooring application throughout the entire kitchen. We were bought in to give a full scope report on exactly how to rectify and solve the problems that they were facing with floors cracking and holes appearing over most of the kitchen.

We recommended to rectify the problem required, the entire unsuitable screed to be completely removed back to a sound and appropriate base to start again. The go ahead was given based on our recommendation and works proceeded in stages.

Once the floors had been removed, moisture testing was carried out prior to any works commencing. Once a satisfactory reading of moisture was gained the floors were then screeded up to 100 mm thick with new epoxy based flooring and then a further 5mm thick epoxy coating applied and sealed.

Being a fully functioning catering kitchen for many various airlines, the works had to be conducted both in and after hours to ensure as little disruption to the surrounding kitchen was achieved. All areas have been fully documented along the way to ensure strict application guides have been adhered to. Once completed each stage is signed off and inspected prior to hand over to the client.

Each stage has been completed on schedule and without any incident/injury or any variations to the contracts.