Floor Coating Applications

Floor Coating Applications

Floor coating applications that suits your needs

Non Slip Industrial Flooring has built its reputation on supplying the right product for the job and we are approved applicators of a wide range of floor coating protective applications across many of the main distributors.

We are also happy to work with clients on any other applications if there is a specified product that is desired. Contact the Non Slip team for a free consultation.

The following flooring applications are suitable in the listed areas. However, an individual site inspection or consultation off the plan will determine which application best suits.

epoxy floor coatingSafe Anti Slip Work Floors

In the following either Polyurethane, Epoxy or Polyesters are recommended:

  • Freezing works/Cool rooms (polyurethanes PU) (epoxies E)
  • Abattoirs (PU) (E) (Polyesters PE)
  • Butchers (PU) (E) (PE)
  • Breweries (PU) (E) (PE)
  • Food and beverage processing plants (PU) (E) (PE)
  • Dairy factories (PU) (E) (PE)
  • Kitchens (PU) (E) (PE)
  • Ablution blocks (PU) (E)
  • Laundries (PU) (E)
  • Supermarkets (E)
  • Chemical plants (PU) (E) (PE)

Click the links for more information on our products – Polyurethane, Epoxy and Polyesters